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Which is more appealing? When the writing you’re currently reading is in this colour or maybe this colour, maybe in italics, or both? Don’t worry, I think I will just stick to this for the rest of this post. 

Differentiating your webpage between aspects like colours, images, sizing and page layout is what is involved with A/B testing. A/B testing allows businesses to see which version of their webpage works better for viewers and therefore they can make modifications based on things such as whether a viewer clicks the pink “buy now” button or the blue one.

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The title of my blog, for example, has come from a real life example of A/B testing where the inclusion of the words “it’s free” next to the sign-up button increased the clicks on the sign-up button by 28% (Chopra, 2010). It is intriguing that something so simple can be so effective. 

Watch this quick 1 minute video on A/B testing to getter a clear and simple understanding.

Marketing/digital research and analytics would generally makes people yawn and get bored at the thought of it, but it is actually so, so important! Research CAN be exciting! We need to know the forever changing thoughts of the consumer, I need to know how I can attract more people to my blog and businesses need to know what consumers want to make sales, this is all done through research. From conducting surveys, using data from market research firms, creating focus groups and looking at customer behaviour, you and I can see the obscure behaviour of the wide variety of people out there and use that to our advantage. Exciting right? I think so.

Market research these days is no longer simply door knocking, cold calling and person to person interaction. Since everything has moved online, market research is also conducted online, like how you’re used to, just behind a screen now. There are so many platforms out there where you can even sign up to take part in market research and get paid to do it, while at home, sitting with your laptop, while possibly still in bed if you please. If the thought of research in general doesn’t interest you, then maybe that will.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.23.06 pm

This graph above is from Google Trends and is the trend over time of the search WordPress in Google from 2004-present in Australia. As you can see, this blogging platform increasingly became more popular and has consistently followed a steady pattern each year, notably declining at the end and start of each year. Why? I’m not too sure, but information like this can allow businesses to get to know their consumers better. 

So what should I change for next time to make this page more appealing? How can I get more page views and repeat visitors? Am I engaging enough? Think of these questions as a fun survey that will benefit the both of us.




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