The Mona Lisa should be an ad

In January I was at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris and like many, I was interested in seeing the famous and timeless pieces in the museum. Of course, as most of you should probably know, the famous Mona Lisa lives there. What has this famous painting got to do with advertisements? Well, I journeyed my way through the fascinating, indescribable museum, admiring everything I walked past, with an intention to end up at the Mona Lisa – because you know, you HAVE to go see it. As I arrived in the large room for the relatively small painting, I couldn’t even see it. All I could see was a crowd of people.. And what did every single one of these people in the crowd have high up in the air? Yes, a mobile phone. I was more interested in taking a photo of all these phones, rather than the Mona Lisa. This also made me another one of the excitable tourists with their phone up in the air.


Everyone has a mobile and everyone uses their mobile phone many, many times a day. Companies of all sizes would be silly in this day and age to not use mobiles as a form of marketing.

The other day I was scrolling aimlessly through my newsfeed on Facebook on my phone, when I came across an advertisement from ASOS. The night before I had been browsing ASOS on my laptop, looking at particular clothing items but didn’t complete any purchases. So, the next day those exact items and related items just pop up on my phone and I am reminded of the clothes I really wanted to buy. So what do I go and do? I make a purchase. They win. It was also a reminder that all my pieces of technology are connected to each other.


Image Source

So how can you best succeed in mobile marketing and capture people like me? Firstly, know your target audience. This is so important. ASOS knew to target me because they knew the things I liked based on what I had been looking at previously. Secondly, please don’t make your marketing annoying. When I am playing games or browsing through my phone and an ad pops up out of nowhere so I randomly click it, disrupting what I was doing, that is not going to be effective. Though, mobile marketing doesn’t just have to be advertising. According to this source, Starbucks created an app where users could load their credit card details and then have their phones scanned when they go and get their morning coffee. A smart and easy way to get consumers to use your product more and an effective marketing strategy where consumers are doing it by choice. Furthermore, according to Juniper Research, by 2019 there will be 1.05 billion people using mobile coupons. Everyday mobile phone usage is increasing, get on board too.




2 thoughts on “The Mona Lisa should be an ad

  1. Definitely a very entertaining blog entry and I really liked the inclusion of your personal experience at the Louvre. Your picture really showed the power mobile phones have in our day to day lives and with our personal and professional decisions- the same idea explored by Solis (2016)- a term he calls micro moments. The Mona Lisa proves to be one of the most historically well known paintings in the history of man kind and instead of appreciating the moment, every person instantly shoots to grab their phone. This example really reinforces the statement made by Kaplan 2012- mobile has well and truly won. Your post continues to make an impact with your discussion of the effective marketing approaches. The amount of times I accidentally click on an advertisement only to immediately click out of it and go back to what I was doing is countless. But if marketers adopt an approach similar to the Starbucks example you provided they will effectively listen to one of Kaplan (2012)’s crucial I’s of integration. Marketers must learn to use mobile marketing so that applications are into my daily life. Consumers then see the mobile application as a necessity rather than a nuisance! Looking forward to more posts. Emily


    • Hey! Thank you for this comment. You have given a fantastic input and have continuously related aspects of my post back to the theory, which increases my understanding and knowledge of the topic even more!


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